Zeppelin Hall Restaurant, Biergarten, & Bar

Our restaurant & beer garden has a full bar, cocktails and wines as well as a constantly changing selection of European imports and U.S. Craft beer!

Welcome to Zeppelin Hall, an authentic European style Biergarten, which is a huge restaurant with both indoor and outdoor spaces where hundreds of guests gather under the trees and stars to drink beer, eat and socialize. Biergartens have been an important part of the social lives of Europeans for hundreds of years. Now coming to Jersey City, USA.

As in Europe, there are no seating assignments at Zeppelin Hall… come grab a seat at one of our thirty foot long community tables… A great place to connect with your group of friends. Shy? You won’t be after sampling some of our incredible draft beers and meeting other friendly guests. Jumping into conversations is mandatory. Eat and drink. Be merry, and stay as long as you like… Zeppelin Hall is a living room for the neighborhood serving you and other like minded people.

Convivial and light hearted! Conversation is king and we recommend sensible shoes as the outdoor garden is covered in gravel. wi-fi enabled… but we guarantee that you will be having too much fun to be typing.

Zeppelin Hall is dedicated to count Von Zeppelin, the visionary inventor of the rigid airship, an idea that came to him as a young lieutenant serving in the Union Army balloon corps during the American civil war. Like the airships he designed, we are big…German…and coming to New Jersey.