Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden, Jersey City, NJ – Andouille and Franziskaner

July 5, 2009

Category: News

From I Blog What I Eat

We went to the opening of Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden last Friday and it was packed with people.  I think I ran into everybody I knew in JC.  The owners weren’t properly prepared for the Jersey City onslaught because they were severely understaffed.  It took 20 minutes to get a beer and an hour to get food which was kind of upsetting because if I wanted to wait on lines I’d just go to Club Baby Seals with a dress code in Chelsea.  Someone was going around asking people how they found out about the place, I guess there’s just something about massive outdoor drinking, grilled meat products, and Jersey City that fires up the Internets.  In retaliation, a friend of mine christened the huge white wall in the men’s room with a “I WAS FIRST” graffiti.

We went back on the 4th and luckily it was much better (though much less crowded).  A friendly bartender at the outdoor bar kept the $15 pitchers of Franziskaner coming as fast as we could drink them.  As a fan sauerkraut, wheat beer, and outdoor drinking I would definitely recommend this place.  Bring some dice or cards along and play some drinking games with the light rail that runs right next to the place.  Every time the light rail passes, everybody has to down their beer.  Last person to finish buys the next round.

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